Thionscadal na nAmhrán Ealaíne Gaeilge/Irish Art Song Project Website Launched

Welcome to the Irish Language Art Song website where you will find a collection of fifty new art songs set exclusively to Irish language texts. These new songs were commissioned in 2019 from Irish and international composers with a three-fold goal: to enliven the interaction between classical composers and Irish language poets, to make a significant contribution to the canon of Irish language art song, and to provide the resources to allow singers in Ireland and throughout the world the opportunity to sing art song in the Irish language. The music scores contain all the information a singer needs, including an International Phonetic Alphabet pronunciation guide and word-for-word English translation. They are accompanied by recordings of the songs and spoken-word recordings of the texts. These scores and audio tracks are made available free-of-charge for non-commercial use, under the terms of Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND 4.0.

The Website containing all 50 songs can be found here